The world was sailed around for the first time, art was revolutionized through perspective, the sun superseded earth as center of the universe, the earth was not any more considered flat, the Old World met the New World, letterpress printing was invented – during the Renaissance Age sensational discoveries, inventions and radical changes occurred in rapid succession.

The relatively short period of 300 years between the 14th century and the Thirty Years’ War does not only stand for the interim from the Middle Ages to the modern age – it’s left its mark on many fields of our everyday life as we can still tell today.

At Erlebniswelt Renaissance® you come to know this time period the way it was: most vivid!





Decades of unstoppable rise and the sudden fall right to the bottom: that is the life of Statius von Münchhausen, aristocrat and one of the central persons of the Weser Renaissance. During the agitated time between the 16th and 17th century, Statius built up a huge capital as rigorous landowner and clever moneylender. But business developed a dangerous dynamism: the amounts of lent money became bigger and bigger, the borrowers more and more unreliable and counterfeiting arose – and suddenly Statius’ success was gone. While he was going bankrupt in a spectacular way, he lost everything – his last place of residence was the only thing he could save. Here, at magnificent Bevern Castle Statius now awaits his guests. At 19 multi-media adventure stations visitors can witness his thrilling life story.

Topics are: aristocratic economy and life, self-awareness, financial transactions.

The visitors receive a tablet and headphones (included in the price) and walk from theme island to theme island. In a radio drama with technically perfect sound backdrop and visual effects Statius tells about himself, his agitated life and his view on his time. Additionally to that, visitors can call up general background information about the Renaissance Age.




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