frauenORTE Niedersachsen ("womenPLACES Lower Saxony") is an initiative of Landesfrauenrat Niedersachsen e.V. that lets the life stories and the works of important historic women appear vivid again and become well-known to a wide public. The initiative wants to contribute to the aim that women’s history and culture is given room among the offerings for cultural tourists.


frauenORT Paula Tobias

main site Bevern

second site Delligsen

In May 2017, the 34th “frauenORTE Niedersachsen” site was opened in Bevern. Its protagonist is the German-Jewish doctor Paula Tobias (1886-1970).

After in November 2017 a commemorative plaque was unveiled, Delligsen is now second site of the frauenORT Paula Tobias.


As first practicing female doctor in the country of Brunswick, Paula Tobias was responsible for the provision of medical care in the region of Kreiensen during World War I, established a military hospital and trained nurses. The advice service for mothers that she also established supported women in baby care. From 1928 on she continued this health care in Bevern where she ran a joint practice with her husband. Being confronted with exclusion and banned from her occupation, the Jewess demanded her recognition as German from confessing National Socialists. In 1935 she emigrated with her family to the US where she worked as nurse.






Permanent exhibition


Permanent exhibition: “Paula Tobias: On the trail of the first female country doctor in the region of Brunswick”
11 March 2018 to 28 October 2018
From Tuesday to Sunday and on holidays, 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., for groups on request
Admission free

The exhibition about Paula Tobias is the first permanent exposition at a “frauenORTE Niedersachsen” site in Lower Saxony. It gives an impression of the life story of the Bevern protagonist, being special and characteristic for those days at the same time. Connected to her life are subjects like the professional qualification of women and their life in the country 100 years ago. As a child of Jewish parents, Paula Tobias also experienced the social divestiture and the persecution by the National Socialists. These aspects are portrayed in the exhibition, too.



Village walkabouts


Guided tour: “On the trail of Paula Tobias through the village of Bevern”
The life of Paula Tobias, being special and characteristic for those days at the same time, is illustrated on a tour through the village from the Castle to the house of Paula Tobias.
Announcement of participation: tel.: +49 5531 1216436
Other days than the proposed ones can be booked on request of groups. (Tel.: +49 5531 1216436 or +49 5531 994018)
This tour is usually in German language but can also be conducted in English or bilingually on request.


GPS-guided tour through the frauenORT Paula Tobias
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