Historical Library



The Historical Library in the Green Cabinet of Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern is part of the public school library of the school now known as “Campe-Gymnasium”. In the past it bore among others the names “Stadt- und Klosterschule”, “Herzogliches Gymnasium”, “Oberschule für Jungen” and “Gymnasium Wilhelmstraße”.

For this reason, the books that are situated and cared for in Bevern represent the history of the oldest grammar school of Holzminden. Essentially, there are three different groups of books to be differentiated.

1. Group: These are works which were used in the Latin school installed by Duke Julius the Younger in the monastery of Amelungsborn after it had been reformed in 1568.

2. Group: Around 1760, Duke Carl I. bought the scholar’s library of the privy councillor of Jacob Burckhard for the school that got moved to Holzminden and developed further.

3. Group: By far the most works were purchased during a longer time period around 1760 and were acquired through ducal and government money.




Opening times:

On Mondays 5.00 – 7.00 p.m. and on appointment (closed during the school holidays of Lower Saxony)

The work in the Historical Library is done on voluntary basis.

If you have questions concerning the Historical Library, the voluntary workers can be contacted outside opening times.


Klaus Kieckbusch
Sollingstraße 77
37603 Holzminden
Tel.: +49 5531 7776


Landkreis Holzminden
Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern
Historische Bibliothek
37639 Bevern
Tel.: +49 5531 9940 - 10



Regional Library


The Regional Library is owned by Heimat- und Geschichtsverein für Stadt und Landkreis Holzminden (HGV) and the Administrative District of Holzminden. Documents and other works concerning the cultural and economical history of the upper Weser area and bordering regions are collected in the Regional Library and the added archive of the HGV. The main emphasis is put on the District of Holzminden. The library’s and archive’s supplies are available to interested citizens as well as to specialized historians, pupils and students.

Opening times:

The Regional Library and the archive are available on appointment only.

If you have questions concerning the Regional Library please contact:
Wolfgang F. Nägeler, tel.: +49 5532 504996, w(dot)f(dot)naegeler(at)gmx(dot)de

If you have questions concerning the archive please contact:

D. Creydt, tel.: +495531 61856 D(dot)undM(dot)Creydt(at)t-online(dot)de

The work in the Regional Library is done on voluntary basis.


Landkreis Holzminden
Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern
Regional Bibliothek
37639 Bevern
05531 9940 - 10 head office
05531 9940 - 19 Regional Library (only during opening times)